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Scholars Academy

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Scholars Academy

The most premium school in Kotdwar

About us

scholars Academy has more meaning to it than just imparting bookish education to the students.

Scholars Academy, established in the year 2011, was a fruit of the vision of Mr. Jagmohan Singh Negi. Scholars Academy is a co-educational school which is affiliated to CBSE, having students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the states. Our environment is such which encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills in various ways.

Mission and Vision

Scholars Academy is the best school in Kotdwar affiliated to CBSE. Scholars Academy endeavours on creating a community of 21st century learners through nurturing, stimulating and holistic learning environment, where students are encouraged to develop open mindedness, spirit of inquiry, creative and critical thinking skills, self and social responsibility. The school collaborates with community to instil generosity of spirit and integrity in thought, word and action of the students.

At Scholars Academy, to be truly educated is to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.


There are a lot of uniques in the method and curriculum used at Scholars Academy that have made it contemporary, and innovative and helped the students to get the best schooling. scholars Academy is always striving towards being the best CBSE school in kotdwar and continuously introducing new fun way for students to learn and grow.

Interpersonal skill

Language skills, building vocabulary, and communication skill

Professional skills

Group discussion, interview skill, body language, grooming

Vedic Mathematics

Faster calculation through age-old principle of Vedic mathematics

Career counselling

Online psychometric testing of students, college and entrance exams, conventional & non conventional fields

Life Management skills

Stress management, technology management, money management, problem-solving, exam phobia

Aptitude Building

Verbal ability, Analytical thinking, logical reasoning, Quantitative ability, Verbal Reasoning

Message from Principal

Dear Parents,

We welcome you into our world at Scholars Academy, Kotdwara, an institution that promotes meaningful and joyful learning, a school where scholastic and co-scholastic activities are closely interwoven into the curricular fabric, a home away from home where students and teachers share a relationship of mutual trust, respect warmth, and affection. We believe that , ‘Children are like water: Bottle them up and they stagnate; let them run wild and they make a mess; guide them and they bring life to all they touch’.

Principal Scholars Academy, the best school in kotdwar
Founder Scholars Academy, the best school in kotdwar

Message from Director/Founder

 It is our belief that the quality and nature of a child’s early experiences in life lays the foundation and brain architecture for all the learning and behaviour which follows. At Scholars Academy, we admire our role to deliver cheerful,comprehensive, child-centric and appropriate learning experiences at this demanding stage of a child’s life.

Our approach is based upon three pillars: Quality Education, Quality Teachers and Partnership with Parents and the Community.

Why scholars Academy ?

As a leading educational institution, we provide a stimulating, enriching and empowering education for children from a wide range of backgrounds.

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