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Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Meet

The annual sports meet is always the best event organized by Scholars Academy School. It was placed at Kotdwar Stadium organized by Scholars Academy School for their students. The 3 day-long event features competitions in a variety of sports. This is a much-awaited event for the students of the school. The objective of the Annual Sports Day is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all participants. It also provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in a competitive environment.

The annual sports show is a great platform to encourage students to connect with each other and compete with each other. This is a great opportunity to boost their physical and psychological skills as they try their best to win prizes from the organizers. The annual sports day meet was inaugurated by director Jagmohan Singh reddy, chief guest Suman Kotlana, guest of honor Dhirendra Kandari, and Sandeep Kumar. Everything was really well organized. Teachers, assistants, and other staff members kept an eye on the games as they were being played, assisting in their efficient planning. All of the students enthusiastically took part in the activities that the teachers planned, and they all had a great time. Ekta Rawat, the principal of Scholars Academy School, spoke at the event’s opening and interacted with the attendees “We aspire to excellence. Every child, in our opinion, is special and capable of great things in life. We put a lot of effort into developing character, leadership, and decision-making skills in our kids so that they will be capable of taking on important roles in their communities.” Students participated in many games and activities like races, marathons, dances, tug of war, kabaddi, etc. They also played basketball and volleyball during this time period which helped them get rid of their laziness from studies or any other problems they have been facing a long time back. It completely changed their moods and made them happy instead of sad all the time because they were not finding any opportunities to play outdoor games with their friends or classmates like before when they were studying in classrooms only.

The Highlights of Our Sports Day:

Students arrive bright and early for registration. After completing the process, they head over to their respective events for practice or warm-ups. The competitions then begin in earnest, with participants putting their best foot forward in hopes of clinching first place. The sports day begins with an impressive parade by all the participating teams. This is followed by several races and other competitions such as cricket, football, badminton, track events, field activities, kabbadi, and traditional Indian sports like kho-kho, etc.

The game started with a tug of war between boys and girls teams which was won by the girl’s team with great effort by all participants. This was followed by a running race for both boys and girls in categories such as 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters where students from different classes participated in various categories i.e., Class IX (9th), Class X (10th) Class XI (11th), and Class XII (12th).

In addition to these events, we have also got special performances lined up for our spectators. These include dance shows and skits by our talented students.

Students received several awards, and they took pleasure in playing these games with their friends. During the closing ceremony of the event, Principal Mrs. Ekta Rawat presented medals or trophies along with certificates proclaiming their achievements to the victors. The ceremony also included a prize distribution ceremony and some unexpected surprises for attendees. It’s an emotional moment as proud parents and friends come to congratulate them on their hard-earned victory. All of the students ended the day by having a good time at their annual sports day with their families, which included food, drinks, cake, and other treats. This made them happy and content for another year!

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