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Scholars Academy

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Scholars Academy is an excellent place for learning

We believe that Schools are one of the significant parts of our life. We spend nearly 15 to 16 years in, and most of our learning habits form in school. For every individual, it is essential to take an education in a supportive and healthy environment. Try talking to a young individual; they will have something to say about their school’s impact on their life. As a parent, we always worry about whether the school is good enough to instill good learning habits in our children, will our children feel safe and cared for in the school, etc. We are here to tell you why Scholars Academy in Kotdwar is an excellent place for your children’s school journey. There are many reasons that make Scholars Academy a great place; We have shortlisted some for you: 

School Environment of Scholars Academy: The school environment is vital for students’ learning and social and mental development. Students should be valued, accepted, and feel safe in the school environment when they walk through the door. That’s what scholars Academy focuses on; we ensure every student is accepted equally and feels safe and valued at the same time. From teachers to management, every individual on the staff provides students’ day-to-day experience is healthy and safe. We understand that parents send their children to our school knowing that it is a safe place. So it is our responsibility to make it utmost safe for every student. 

Structured Learning: We at scholars academy believe in providing structured learning to our students. Our education system and school curriculum focus on innovation and systematic learning to ensure our students learn in the best way possible. Students need to learn both theoretical and practical ways to add new skills and grow in a better way. 

Results and achievements: Our achievements and results from our students say a lot about our learning environment. We have 100% results in our secondary-level classes. In addition, we have received the best school of the year in 2017, the most active school of the year in 2018, and the lifetime achievement award in 2022. We also got 2nd position in the zonal inter-school taekwondo championship 2022. Our students work to achieve in all aspects, including sports, education, and more. 

Complete learning environment: We work towards providing a complete environment to our children. From sports to art & craft to education, we give equal importance and emphasis to every aspect. We ensure a comprehensive learning environment for social, physical, and cognitive growth. Scholars Academy in Kotdwar encourages students to receive education but also focus on their passion. We have also collaborated with educational leaders like Bachpan Play School, Twin win for our students. 

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Conclusion: Scholars Academy has been working towards improving society by instilling good learning habits in children since 2011. When students walk through our door to the time they are with us, we focus on providing a healthy learning environment. Parents can ensure their children receive the best education and learn in different aspects. 

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